It’s Sunday, so it must be Livestream day here at Last Movie Outpost. So the big, BIG news this week was that reveal of the plan for Chapter One of the new DCU, to be called Gods And Monsters. We covered this DC news in detail right here.


James Gunn and Peter Safran made the announcement. There was much debate and discussion. The central question, and we will cover this in today’s livestream, is this:

Is the new DCU a non-starter, or a potential home run?

We know Gunn is out on social media engaging with fans, debunking myths, and talking about his ideas and inspiration. What’s going on behind the scenes? Are they going to crack it this time? Join us live:

12 noon CST

6pm UK time

See the boys debate DC, the DCU, and more, and laugh at each other while trying to give the LMO Legal Department (that’s Stark listening at home) an early heart attack.

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