Personally, I thought this heading should be a question, not a statement, but at the same time, I do believe that most race-swapping is bad. Let’s face it, Hollywood will do anything to sell a product, race-swap, gender-swap, completely rewrite the story away from the original, it doesn’t matter as long as people are talking about it and the money is rolling in.

The Rings of Power has stirred up controversy by being out of step with Tolkien having black Hobbits and Elves. Yet movies like Batman Vs Superman race swapped Perry White, having him played by Lawrence Fishburne, and Batman (1989) cast Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent.

Most recently, The Little Mermaid has been swapped, with a young black girl taking on the role, and it’s all kicked off again. At the time of writing this, the trailer for Little Mermaid has 19 million views with 1 million likes, and 2.4 million dislikes.

And now it seems, that if you are querying why they felt the need to race-swap the Little Mermaid, you are a racist!

Little Mermaid Racists

What if things were the other way around? The new Black Panther is due out, and they cast Jared Leto as T’challa? I mean, it would cause upset, just because it’s Jared Leto, but would race swapping be OK if it was a black character played by a white actor? This week’s Livestream is going to be interesting.

Be there AND be square. 12 noon CST and 6pm UK time, as usual and right here. Join us!

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