We are back! New Year, new videos. Already today we had our second part of the top Star Trek episodes countdown. It’s Sunday, and that means Livestream day. Also, as it’s Sunday, what else have you got to do? Yard work? Tell her “No!”, crack a beer and come listen to a load of people talk about movies instead.

We are talking about the week’s biggest news again, and our main topic will be what are we hopeful about in the world of movies, streaming, and entertainment, in 2022.

The show starts at 12noon CST, that’s 6pm GMT for our Britisher chums. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, come and join us. The comments will be open both here in the Disqus below and on the YouTube channel itself.

Our intrepid crew being… intrepid.

2021 was quite a year for us here at Last Movie Outpost. We only started up a couple of years ago and things really took off last year as more and more of you found us online and decided to hang around to see just what the hell we would do next.

Give us a follow, or a subscribe. And remember, if there is something you really want to write about movies, give us a shout at [email protected] and you could see your name up in lights right here on the website. I mean, what could be better than that?

OK… quite a few things, but let us have this one. In the meantime, let’s Livestream!

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