Halloween, the season not the now awful movies series, is upon us in just a couple of weeks. Next week, we have a special guest join us for the live stream, so this, week, to get us in the mood, we’re talking about some of our favourite horror movies.

We will start off with some news of the week, since apparently Yoda and Boba Phil have some things they need to say about She-Hulk.

We will then be breaking down some of our favourite horror movies, what is the best Vampire movie? The best ghost story? The scariest zombie movie?

Next week, with our special guest, we will be having two weeks of the best scares in from movies. It’s going to be a lot of scary good fun. Although we’re all a little worried about what Sean is going to say, which is every week to be honest.

You know where and when the stream is, so come and join us and get in the Halloween mood:

12pm CST – 6pm UK

Be there AND be square!

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