Halloween 3: Season of the Bitch

For the past two weeks, building up to Halloween, we’ve talked about the best of horror, the great jump scare moments, and the movies that traumatized us as impressionable young kids.

Well, enough of that, since now Shawn, Yoda, Matt, and myself are going to bitch about everything crappy in horror, the pointless remakes, the franchises that just won’t die, and the churned-out crap that is never ending these days.

Back in 1981, Sam Raimi released Evil Dead. The movie became a cult and put Raimi on the map, since he’s now a major name in Hollywood and recently directed Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Back in the day, horror was a good way to get into movies, they could be made fairly cheap, and you didn’t seem to need much talent to make it a success. Well, in Raimi’s case, he was extremely talented, but it opened the floodgates.

Today, a lot of directors seem to think making a cheap horror movie is the way to have a big break, so we, the audience, have to wade through endless ‘horror’ movies that are just cheap and nasty.

This Halloween week, it’s not about the good, it’s about the bad, the crap, and the just plain boring horror that Hollywood is churning out.

Usual time, usual place.

12pm CST – 6pm UK

Be there AND be square.

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