This week a new vampire movie is streaming on Netflix, Day Shift, starring Jamie Foxx as a humble pool guy, who’s actually a vampire hunter. We mentioned the trailer a little while ago.

It was a pretty fun movie, action-packed, gentle comedy, and just good old-fashioned vampire slaughtering fun. I’ve not seen anything like that for a while.

Day Shift was far from perfect, but it was an overall enjoyable watch. Which got the guys thinking about other vampire movies, from the early days of Bela Lugosi as Dracula to Christopher Lee, to Eddie Murphy, to Luke Evens.

Not to mention things like Blade, Let the Right One In, Interview with a Vampire, From Dusk Till Dawn, the list is endless. We’ll be discussing which ones are the best, which ones are the worst, and is Day Shift helping us get the taste of Twilight out of our systems?

We will probably end up talking about all types of crap, you know, like we always do, but come and join us, add your thoughts, mention your favourites and tell us what you thought of Day Shift.

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12pm CST – 6pm UK time

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