There’s been a lot going on at Comic-Con this weekend. The guys will be discussing the trailers, the teasers, and who would win a fight between Superman and Black Adam.

The Gray Man kind of popped out of nowhere for me, just like that court subpoena. I had read the occasional thing about it, but that was it. I put it on this weekend and thought it was great, see my review.

It looked and felt like a proper old-school action flick. Like something Arnie or Sly would have made in the 80s, but with a bigger budget. There were car chases, and helicopters exploding, and the two main characters were white, middle-aged men.

I genuinely enjoyed it and it gave me nostalgia for the days when action movies were action movies and not just a chance to show everyone how great strong, independent women are.

In the Livestream this week, the guys will be talking about The Gray Man, what they liked, and what they didn’t like. We will talk 80s action movies, and what made them so great? What made them work? How come they left such an impression on us all, even today?

Come and join us, tell us about your favourite 80s movies, why you remember them, and why you still love them. We’ll be live at:

12pm CST – 6pm UK

Sunday 24th, so escape the family for a bit and talk to the guys about kick-ass action movies. Be there AND be square.

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