It’s getting harder and harder to find interesting things to talk about during the livestreams at the moment since we’ve covered Disney Sucks about 100 times.

This week, we will discuss some of the news that’s been going on in the entertainment world and other little nuggets we found, but we will also talk about audience reactions to movies.

Yoda went to see Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness recently and was surprised that the cinema audience all seemed to clap and cheer when Doctor Strange appeared on the screen. Seriously, were they shocked that he would appear in a movie with his name on it?

Yoda got the impression that people would simply cheer for the content. Back in the day, I remember seeing Back to the Future and the audience going crazy when George punches out Biff! It was such a great moment.

I haven’t seen an audience reaction like that in a long time in the cinema, well, apart from End Game, but I was lucky enough to see it in a packed-out screening in one of the most famous cinemas in the UK on the opening day.

Are people so used to seeing so much crap in the past few years, that they actually get excited about seeing a single product, sorry, I mean character on the big screen? What are some of our favorite big-screen audience reactions ever?

We would love for you to join us on the livestream, comment in the chat, and add your thoughts.

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