Is any of it worth it? No, not life in general, even if it’s the glorious life of an Outposter here, with us at the Last Movie Outpost. We are talking about streamers and streaming. Do they represent value for money? That is the subject of today’s LMO Livestream.


With a standard Netflix subscription running at $13.99 per month, Amazon Prime Video at $12.99, and Disney+ running at $7.99, that’s the cost of 8 Starbucks lattes a month to get “The Big Three” in your home. However, this is usually on top of existing cable or satellite for many people.

Start to layer in HBO Max ($14.99 p/m), Paramount+ ($9.99 p/m), Peacock ($4.99 p/m) plus others, and soon you are looking at a serious monthly layout. One that can add up to thousands of dollars a year. You can even go really crazy and sign up for Apple TV+.

Somebody, somewhere must be as everyone is on the streaming bandwagon, and streamers are even buying studios. The global video streaming market size was valued at $50.11 billion in 2020.

Do they provide value for money? How many do you have, and why? Which ones did you try and ditch?

Join the usual suspects here, live, from 12noon CST and 6pm UK time from wherever you are, whenever you can, as we try and decide if we are getting value, or being mugged.

Let’s go livestream!

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