Can you have too much of a good thing? Can something be so big it hurts? Is there a point where quantity erodes quality? That is what we will tackle in today’s Livestream, here at Last Movie Outpost.

It’s Sunday once more, so that means once again our intrepid Livestream team will join hands across the ocean and run through the breaking news of the week before turning their attention to the topic of the day – Are movies too long these days?

Even though we are talking about length, there will be no jokes stating ‘That’s what she said’ or ‘Title of your sex tape’, since we are all mature, level headed men and we will not resort to childish jokes.*

Join Shawn, NotGeorge, and Drunken Yoda from 12noon CST, 6pm UK time. The comments will be open on the YouTube channel, and here in Disqus. Join in, pitch in and contribute and see what others have to say with you.

Pure animal magnetism

Look at the sheer animal magnetism on display. How could any of you not be powerless to resist? Join us, talk crap about movies.

* Not a guarantee. 

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