This week, everyone is ‘busy’, as in they think other things are more important than the LMO livestream!

Well not me, I have nothing more important to do on a Sunday evening than talk about movies with you lot. It’ll probably be a quick livestream, as in maybe just an hour, but if you want to join me, feel free to jump in and chat.

I have got back to watching some movies this week, including Nope, which I have done a 5-minute review of, but also the new Sly Stallone movie Samaritan, which is now streaming.

Some others I will probably mention are Once Bitten, Chopping Mall, The Immaculate Room, Vengeance, World Gone Wild, and Glorious. I know they are all over the place, so there’s no real theme, but that’s just how a roll.

If you are free this Sunday, come and join me and just chat, chill, ask me questions, or anything you like. It might be terrible not having the other guys there, but at the same time amazing.

Actually, that sounds like every livestream we do.

You know the place and the time, but here it is again.

12pm CST – 6pm UK

Be there AND be square.

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