Yes, today’s Livesteam is all about everything movie related ever made. We’re starting with one of the original inventors of the movie camera, William Friese-Green, though to every movie that has been green lit in the past year.

Oh, wait, we’re not talking about everything, we’re talking about Everything Everywhere All At Once. That makes more sense.

It’s probably going to be a difficult movie to spoil, so join us and listen to the guys discuss it and what they thought of it. NGL loved it and gave it a glowing review. Drunken Yoda didn’t understand it, see his video about it. Shawn’s not sure because there was no exploitation in it, and Eggy gave it 2 stars. It’s going to be interesting.

We’re going to start off by talking about the news of the week. She-Hulk had a trailer, which fans haven’t been too welcoming about. There is a new series in production about the struggles of females in baseball based on the movie League of their Own. Also the teaser trailer for the new Predator movie called Prey is online.

The four of us, since we’re going for quantity, not quality, will be online at 12pm CST and 6pm UK time. Come and join us and tell us what you think of the news this week and what you think about Everything Everywhere.

Be there and be square.

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