The Livestream this week is just the British contingent since Shawn is off hunting orcs and Yoda is still in therapy. Matt and I will be talking about the news from the week.

DC seems to be trying to get themselves sorted, but they are still all over the place. With Matt being the Superman fan he is, he will be venting about that on the Livestream.

The rumours about Indiana Jones 5 are disturbing, in fact, heartbreaking. They are just rumours at the moment, but it seems that more and more information is coming out that is proving it correct.

The shills are shilling about Black Panther 2, but here at the Last Movie Outpost, we never shill, we are always honest and will give an honest review. I don’t think Matt or myself have seen Black Panther 2 yet, but we’re going to discuss those who have.

Then we will move on to Andor. Matt and Stark have been loving it. I am warming up to it, but for me, it’s still too little too late. So we will have a face off about it. It’s a more slow build and character development, but for me, there are no lightsabers.

As always, come and join us, have a laugh, join the chat and watch two middle-aged men get angry about fictional movie characters.

You know the time and place for the Livestream:

Sunday – 12pm CST – 6pm UK

Be there AND be square.

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