After the financial news last week, Netflix needs all the big guns they can muster. And who has the biggest guns of all? Ron Burgandy! Wait… no, He-Man. we mean He-Man! It seems the live-action Masters Of The Universe movie is not dead after all and it is very much still a thing over at Netflix.

West Side Story and American Horror Story actor and dancer Kyle Allen is set to play the role of He-Man in the Masters of the Universe movie based on the famed Mattel toyline.


Things are even more firm than thought, as the project has locked in Summer 2022 as a production start date. The project was at Sony with Noah Centineo in the lead role. He dropped out when production hell dragged on forever. Sony will retain the rights to the film in China to get their hands on that Renminbi, if a release is granted beyond the bamboo curtain.


The story of Masters Of The Universe, as you know, centers around a Prince named Adam who discovers he is destined to be the savior of Eternia and must quickly learn how to use his power to face off against the evil warlord Skeletor for the future of his planet.

The Nee brothers (The Lost City) will direct from a screenplay they developed with Shang-Chi writer David Callaham.

Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, DeVon Franklin, and Steve Tisch will produce.


The 1980s cartoon series and previous 1987 Dolph Lundgren movie live large in your mind if you are a certain age. Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation was poorly received by geekdom.

If anyone wants to reach out to Kyle Allen for comment, we reckon you will find him in the gym.

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