So we do a great job grousing over the media establishment’s destruction of all the things we love. Certainly they’ve done a lot of damage, but then where do you go? Boba Phil and Shawn do a great job of finding niche movies from the past, various Outposters have done great Retro Reviews but what about new stuff?

I think we all agree that outside of a few exceptions, most of what big media is giving us is pure dreck. From Velma on HBO Max, to Rings Of Power on Amazon, to Cuties on Netflix, to anything Disney is giving us these days… it all seems designed to irritate us, pillage beloved properties for cash or political nonsense, or just see how much depravity they can get away with.

Even the old stalwart, the 30 minute sitcom has become garbage. That 90’s Show is eye wateringly bland, as is NBC’s Night Court reboot. Even their more original stuff, which seems stuck in the creaky old broadcast networks, are safe and woke at the same time. What are they all lacking? Laughs, not to put too fine a point on it.

Night Court 2023
One of these people is just there for the money.

Sketch comedy is not faring much better. There may be some stuff out there, but certainly Saturday Night Live is a shadow of it’s former self. A shadow of a shadow.

That leads me to Viva La Dirt League. This troupe of New Zealanders have a channel that I just find fun. Making me laugh more times than not, not afraid to go real dark sometimes, and having a variety of shows and skits, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained.

Their flagship show is Epic NPC Man. Take all the various fantasy RPG’s you may have played from World Of Warcraft to Skyrim, and various ones in between, and with this they have created a world called Skycraft. Greg the Garlic farmer is an NPC who has to deal with Adventurers (players) and even more clueless NPC’s as well as the various weirdness of being in a game.

The show is shot in a nice looking village that provides a great setting, and New Zealand’s outdoor bonafides are well-established as per The Lord Of The Rings. It all serves to create a lot of funny sketches that even a non-player will be able to appreciate. Though gamers will certainly get a lot more out of it.

Then there’s Bored, a show about four people who work in a Best Buy/Micro Center type store called Playtech and all that happens in retail. Seems like something that should be well worn ground but they manage to take it funny levels.

Did you know the shirt color can determine power levels in retail? Oh yes. But you cannot wear the Gold shirt, no one can. It will corrupt you, but it can be useful against a Karen horde.

There’s also smaller shows that mostly show life inside of various games, including PubG, Red Dead Redemption, Dark Souls, and some generic FPS type games. Other skits include just dealing with restaurants, therapy sessions, and other slice of life skits.

They are good actors and aim to do nothing but entertain. There’s hours of skits to watch. While you can start anywhere, there a few skits that are call backs to earlier ones so the joke may not land quite as well, but that’s few and far between.

So if you want something different, something that doesn’t require a 2 day binge watch (but you can if you want to!) and updates regularly on YouTube, give Viva La Dirt League a try! It’s a nice light change from the most of the bland terrible crap that corporate media gives us.

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