For somebody who helped string out Lost for seven seasons, Damon Lindelof is showing immense self-control about Watchmen.

His original story, a contemporary-set direct sequel to the famous comic, got strong numbers and the studio wants a sequel series. However he remains clear it was a one-shot deal and that it’s done. Speaking with Collider he said:

“The legacy of Watchmen is Alan [Moore] and Dave [Gibbons] created it and it sat for 30 years, obviously Zack [Snyder] made his movie which was a pretty canonical adaptation of the 12 issues, and then we made our season of television. That was my turn. I got in the middle of the dance floor for a minute and got to do my move, but then you retreat to the edge of the circle and it’s someone else’s turn to dance.

Suffice it to say that I just feel like what’s best for Watchmen, this thing that I love, is for someone else to take their shot at it. I think that that’s just gonna be much more interesting than anything that I would do moving forwards… I issue this invitation to anyone out there: If you have an idea, figure out a way to pitch it. But probably not to me. Watchmen is not mine. It’s ours. And I want to see how someone else interprets this incredible story.”

I had to abandon it half way through episode one as the sound mix was so bad I could hardly hear any characters talking, yet the house shook in an action scene. It’s all on HBO so maybe I will try a second time.