When we reported on the story that Tom Cruise was genuinely going to shoot a movie in space, the surprising thing was that it wasn’t really much is a surprise.

The man who doesn’t even own a phone deliberately so he can never phone it in, therefore interfering with his well documented ‘A’ game arrival was always a candidate to be the first to shoot a movie in space, if somebody was going to do it.

The big question was which director would be crazy enough to follow him up there? Well now we have our answer. They worked together on American Made and Edge Of Tomorrow.

Now Doug Liman will follow Tom Cruise to the stars.

Cruise always found a way to get his love of motorbikes, fast driving, flying, skydiving and general adrenaline into his movies. Has he always harboured dreams of space travel? Clever move Tom!

The project is not currently set up at a studio or with a financier. Work cannot being in anger until after Cruise has cleared the two back-to-back Mission Impossible sequels he is currently working on at Paramount.

Plot details are highly secret but this news also confirms Liman will write the script and will co-produce with Cruise. Elon Musk is inside, and NASA are onboard in principle.

Musk and NASA are launching the first SpaceX manned space mission today. All eyes on that as a future way to get cast and crew to the ultimate on-location shoot!

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