Lightyear, Disney Pixar’s latest movie is a big flop at the box office earning a paltry $51 – $55 million on its opening weekend. As we reported earlier this week, Lightyear has been banned in 14 Middle Eastern and Asian countries for featuring a lesbian kiss. No doubt the blue hairs will point and shriek that “Muh China” is the reason why one of the most beloved characters ever created is now a massive flop, but it’s not. 

Lightyear – nothing more than a tick boxing exercise.

So Disney, do you want to know why Lightyear is just the latest in a growing list of your once wholesome movies, TV shows and theme parks that are failing? Do you want the truth?

It’s because hard working, decent families with young children, who are not Twitter are growing increasingly sick and tired of propaganda and childhood innocence seemingly under attack from a woke agenda. Simple as that.


The Blame Game

Disney are starting to make their excuses and blaming the economy, but Sonic 2 was only released in April and pulled in $72 million on its opening weekend. 

Jurassic World: Dominion (which is bad) pulled in $143 million and is holding on to it’s number 1 spot despite having already been out a week and having terrible reviews.

Disney’s live action Pinocchio is due out in September 2022 but if the ratio of Likes and Dislike for the trailer is anything to go by, Disney can expect another massive flop on their hands.

Pinocchio Ratio
One of those dislikes is mine. Yep.


Numbers Don’t Lie

The failure of this movie is inexcusable. Buzz Lightyear had been loved by families for 27 years ever since Toy Story was released way back in 1995. Buzz has featured in four major movies as well as an animated show and the Toy Story franchise has earned a whopping $3 Billion in box office revenue to date.

Disney’s stock is almost 50% down from it’s all-time high set on March 21 – that’s half the value of the company… gone! To say modern Disney is an absolute disaster is an understatement. Actors, like the film’s star Chris Evan, will whine and stamp their feet and call everyone else names…

Chris Evans

…but the facts are facts. It is looking like agenda pushing Hollywood is increasingly out of touch with the everyday family man and woman who see the “progressive” ideology as not wanted. On the the internet “Disney” is now used as a euphemism for “Groomers” in some quarters. This just goes to show the level of crisis enveloping the company.

Disney, if losing 50% of your value in a year with your core audience walking away from your products doesn’t make you realise you are backing the wrong horse, then…


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