Showtime has a pretty full upcoming slate. Along side American Gigolo and City On A Hill, Tomas Alfredson’s famed 2008 Swedish horror film Let the Right One In is being adapted by them as a series. Now it has a full trailer.

This is still based on the John Ajvide Lindqvist novel, but looks to spend more time with the young girl vampire Eleanor (Madison Taylor Baez) and her relationship with her companion Mark (Demian Bichir). The series is said to be set ten years into her vampirism. Which may convince fans of the source material that once again Hollywood doesn’t really understand a property it is adapting.


The companion role was deliberately ambiguous in some adaptions. Is he her father, her ex-lover, just her familiar? In the novel he was an ex-teacher who was fired for being in possession of questionable material involving children.

Eleanor is 200 years old, trapped in the body of a child, and her background is revealed in detail. It deals with themes such as existential anxiety, social isolation, genital and self-mutilation, manipulation, and murder. This is why Let The Right One In has always been a compelling, yet challenging, work.

So nothing to do with a recently turned child and her human familiar as presented here.

This is the second remake of the property following a well-regarded adaption by Matt Reeves in 2010, titled Let Me In, after a US studio felt the original title was too long.

The original title refers to the Morrissey song Let the Right One Slip In. It is a play on the concept in vampire folklore which says that vampires cannot enter a house unless invited. However in the context of th story it also refers to Eleanor and that it is also the vampire who must be careful to let the right person in on her secret.

Grace Gummer, Anika Noni Rose, Ian Foreman, Kevin Carroll, and Jacob Buster also star in the series.

Penny Dreadful writer Andrew Hinderaker is the showrunner and executive producer. Director Seith Mann helms. The show debuts on October 7th.

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