Project Will Be A TV Series

According to Variety, Leonardo DiCaprio is producing a new television series based on Aldous Huxley’s final novel, Island.

Published in 1962, the novel is a counterpart to Huxley’s best-known novel, Brave New World, which has recently been adapted into a television series in the US and is currently streaming on Peacock.

Island follows cynical journalist Will Farnaby who is dispatched to an idyllic island in the Indian Ocean. He was originally sent by an oil tycoon, who wants the island, named Pala, for its untapped petroleum reserves, but upon his arrival, Farnaby discovers a fully-formed, independent society “including psychedelic adventures and alternative social structures,” and his loyalties change.

DiCaprio will serve as an executive producer, but that will likely be his only involvement. No creatives– writers, directors– were announced, nor was an outlet. The actor’s Appian Way is reportedly developing the series alongside In Good Company Films.

We’ll give further updates when we find out.