Seriously? Why would husbands / boyfriends rejoice? Simple. Because Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2 were those rare kind of films for the girls that didn’t make a man sit in a theater or on his couch at home actively willing those chest pains he’s been having to develop into a full blown cardiac episode, right there and then, to save him from another second of this.

They might be seriously light on exploding trucks, aliens and machine guns but at least they were amusing, the characters were pretty likable, Reese Witherspoon plays the kooky airhead with a heart of gold to perfection and we could say “Don’t worry honey, I will watch this movie with you!” without knowing we were signing up to nearly two hours of hell on Earth just to score points. Also as long as we make sure we get the lady in our life a nice bottle of wine to watch this with us on the couch, we can also drink heavily at home wile viewing!

So with the news that Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor have signed on to write the script for a third Legally Blonde film at MGM and Hello Sunshine, we can start plotting, and get our asses along to the liquor store.

The pair will also produce while Reese Witherspoon will obviously reprise her role as Elle Woods. Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah wrote the original and were working on this but that script has gone silent since 2018 so this looks like a restart and retool.

Witherspoon, Lauren Neustadter, Marc Platt and Adam Siegel will make up the rest of the producing team. The first film makes us feel very old when we realise it came out in 2001 – 19 years ago! It made $141.8 million worldwide on a tiny budget. A 2003 sequel repeated the profitability trick.

See, never let it be said that The Last Movie Outpost is not a broad church!  Now… let’s go and watch something blow up real good!