A week ago we brought you news that the first sneak peaks at Denis Villeneauve’s Dune had blown away a lucky showreel audience.

Now a leaked logo may provide something of a hint towards the aesthetic design choices of the movie.  It’s not much, but it’s intriguing.  For a start it’s very clever.  Just four simple U characters arranged to form the title.

The image hasn’t been officially released by Warner Bros.  Instead it leaked out from a presentation to all the usual channels.

If this design theme carries through it could mean we are looking at something different.

The simple, almost pastel, illustrations of early Herbert novel covers gave way to the failed Alejandro Jodorowsky’s version which featured horror-based design work by H.R. Giger before he spaffed his load on Alien design.

The David Lynch version brought us an opulent neo-baroque style that was, at times, like climbing out of a particularly luxurious K-Hole… while coming up on LSD.

This says sleek, clean and futuristic.  Which is, funnily enough, exactly how I like my sci-fi!

What do you guys think?