Predator 5, knows as Skulls for some reason, has already wrapped. Cinematographer Jeff Cutter confirmed that filming on the Dan Trachtenberg sequel has been completed in the obligatory social media post.

They have been filming in Calgary, Alberta. The movie stars Amber Midthunder (Legion) as a Comanche woman who goes against the gender norms and traditions of her tribe to become a warrior.

This could be an interesting study of the role of gender in structured communities from the past… who are we kidding, this is Hollywood! It will insert modern sensibilities around third-wave intersectional feminism and the patriarchy. Bet on it!


The excellently named Dakota Beavers is also on board, as is Dane Diliergo. Cutter wrote:

“And that’s a wrap on Skulls! Can’t thank @dannytrs enough for inviting me along on this epic journey and entrusting me to help achieve his vision for this film! Thanks to a great cast led by @ambermidthunder@dakota_beavers and @dd and much love to a brave Calgary crew for diving headfirst in with us! #skulls #predator”

Any further details remain under wraps for now as the lid was tight on the production.

Predator Skulls, if that is what we are calling it, follows the last movie, The Predator. This featured the crash of a Predator spaceship on Earth. U.S. Army Ranger Quinn McKenna and a team of PTSD-afflicted soldiers band together to take down a pair of the titular hunters including a new genetically enhanced Predator and prevent an invasion of the planet.

The Shane Black movie was meant to set up two further sequels, however, a lukewarm reception meant those plans were shelved, along with any further entries in the Alien vs Predator series.

There have also been a number of short-film spin-offs Predator vs. Colonial Marines directed by Julian Higgins and written by Peter Weidman in which a troop of Colonial Marines storm a Weyland-Yutani warehouse and encounter the deadly alien hunter. The Predator Holiday Special features Santa Claus, his elves, and reindeer encountering the Predators at the North Pole.

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