New year, new Star Wars disaster unfolding at Disney. They just can’t, or won’t, catch a break it seems. With the sequel trilogy driving away fans in their droves, and the anthology series of movies collapsing around their ears while billions in box office revenue were left on the table, they hoped the Disney parks would sprinkle their magic on the Star Wars galaxy.

“Shoot me… shoot me now.”

Not so. Word quickly spread that the Star Wars: Galaxies Edge, as opened, was nothing more than a giant Star Wars retail park with one ride unable to handle the numbers, and sky-high prices for everything. It was themed after the unloved sequels in another seemingly overt snub to fans. See what our intrepid reporter had to say from the scene.

Audiences started to stay away even before COVID struck.

When it did finally open a spectacular second ride, Rise Of The Resistance, that ride was so unreliable that even when it isn’t swamped by unmanageable wait times, it may not be working at all. Expectations have been well and truly managed downwards.

But like an abused spouse, returning to their violent partner, fans were still looking forward to the opening of the fully immersive hotel experience – Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser.


The two-night experience for fans and their families would feature life aboard a gigantic starship on a trip to Black Spire Outpost on Batuu – the theme park – and promised much.

Despite the sky-high prices (a Disney feature, not a bug!) the dates for the first few months were booked out. You can see some pricing information right here. March 2022 opening was booked solid. So far, so good for Disney, right? Wrong! Things have started going wrong as only they can for Disney Star Wars. The stench of failure is never far away from this property at the Mouse House.

The bookings have not stuck. People are canceling in their droves. Not only that, but people are taking to the internet to share why. Threads are popping up on Reddit and other social media websites, and these are now being reported on by several online outlets.


The reason? The full itineraries are being published and people are not able to map value to price. The disparity in what is expected and what is delivered is huge. Jessica Rawden, Disney superfan and online commentator, has started collecting these together. One example from Reddit:

“Absolutely cancelling. The price for this experience is STEEP, but we love Galaxy’s Edge and figured they would be able to deliver. For 7k+ we get a few meals, alcoholic drinks aren’t included, brought to Galaxy’s edge early in the AM and hope that Rise isn’t broken down, no lightsaber building, no droid building, the saber training looks, meh from what they’ve released, and the bridge training just doesn’t look like a Star wars experience.

I can’t fathom where all my money is going for what’s included. I feel like we got scammed by Disney here. Not sure if we’ll be visiting Batuu any time soon after this.”

This theme is spread throughout the posts across several platforms:

“I made a reservation for July and canceled it after the trailer didn’t show me any reason to spend $6000 for 2 nights. They also released more of the itinerary and most of the interactions only last 20 minutes, with several listed as being phone app games.

Wtf? I’ll wait for the reviews and hopefully a price drop before I consider booking again. Oh, and you can only book AND cancel via phone.”

Universal Studios, just up the freeway in Orlando, is the winner in another post:

“I also dropped my reservation I had for April. My nephew actually made the decision for me as he’d rather ride Velocicoaster after seeing the promo stuff.”

The promotional information was considered lacking by fans when it was released. Disney has now taken down the initial video looking at the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser.

Uh-oh Disney. It’s happening again, isn’t it?

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