Some new photos coming from the set of Batgirl suggest that whilst The Flash will eradicate The Snyderverse (mainly Superman and Batman) the pics indicate that Batgirl will reintroduce The Burtonverse – *pinches the bridge of my nose as I type the story.

DC – so many ‘verses’, so little understanding of the brand.

This is also a completely unsubstantiated rumor from the internet (BUT with pictures this time), so as usual, this is rumor control… oh yes, and potential spoilers:


The Gotham Globe — the newspaper in Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns that the immortally beautiful (Kim Basinger) Vicki Vale works for — exists and the headlines reveal some telling things.

Lex Luther

A piece of ‘Gotham litter’ shared by a Twitter user named Drisraella snapped a photo with the cover story “Lex Luther Jailed in Belle Reve Prison.”

We’ve never seen a Burton Lex Luthor. The closest we got was Max Shreck played by Christopher Walken. Considering the absolute shit-show that is DC at the moment, is the paper is talking about the awful Lex played by Jesse Eisenberg? Why Lex Luther, not Luthor?

Gotham Globe

The Penguin

Also on the Gotham Globe, a smaller headline at the bottom of the front page reads ”A Comeback for Cobblepot”. No Penguin in The Snyderverse, so this suggests the inclusion of Danny DeVito’s Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin from Batman Returns.

The end of Batman Returns had Penguin succumb to his injuries and die. This is the comic book world so death means very little. For DC, so does continuity, planning, and foresight.


Are you still trying to keep up with this? Good, let’s keep going.

Lois Lane

You can see on the back of the Luthor story on the Gotham Globe “Lois Lane Speaks Out”. No idea what she’s gobbing off about now but what Lois are we getting here, The Snyderverse Lois, or a new Batgirlverse Lois? Shit, did I just invent a new ‘verse’? FFS.

I now have bigger questions (and concerns) about what happens in The Flash that inevitably impacts Batgirl. DC makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

Bat Tears

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