Oscar-winner, Gladiator, phone throwing and, lately, pie enthusiast Russell Crowe clearly likes the Hemsworth brothers. He is appearing with Chris and Jake in Thor: Love And Thunder. He recently wrapped Poker Face. This is his second directorial movie and that features Liam Hemsworth. Now he is re-teaming with Liam for the action-thriller Land Of Bad.

Crowe will play an air force Reaper drone pilot supporting a Delta Force mission in the South Philippines. Predictably, that mission goes badly wrong and Crowe’s character now finds himself supporting a long-shot rescue operation that has just 48 hours to be completed.


Hemsworth will play the newly qualified forward air controller who finds himself in the middle of an extraction that cannot possibly be allowed to fail but stands little chance of success. With no weapons and no communication other than from the drone above, the race against time unfolds.

The Signal and Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin team of David Frigerio and Will Eubank is writing the script. Eubank directed Underwater and will direct Land Of Bad.

Land Of Bad will shoot with Australia doubling for the Philippines. Eubank, David Frigerio, Adam Beasley, and Michael Jefferson produce.

The USAF currently operates over 300 MQ-9 Reapers, with 16 more on order, and that number is expected to grow. It is suspected they have been in operation in intelligence gathering mode only over Ukraine, helping the Ukraine forces carry out fast attacks on less situationally aware Russian columns.

They are also used by allies such as the United Kingdom and Taiwan.

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