Doesn’t matter if it’s Star Wars or The Equalizer, it seems that if short of ideas then an Executive can always be relied upon to suggest:

“Well, what if we remade X, but instead of a Y we cast a Z?”

Everyone around the table thinks it’s a great idea. Yet more evidence to add to ever growing pile that nobody in Hollywood is really that smart or creative and wouldn’t last a quarter in most other industries.

The latest thing from the last to be run through the Hollywood identity mincer is the 1970s David Carradine-starring martial arts western series Kung Fu.  This time instead of a young man, the lead role will be gender swapped.  This will be brought to you by the CW.

In the new series, a very Millennial quarter-life crisis will be the driver that causes a Chinese-American woman to drop out of college.  Finding herself at an isolated Shaolin monastery in China, she will have life changing experiences.

She will, or course, return to find her hometown overrun with crime and corruption.  A one woman high-kicking version of the A-Team will no doubt ensue.  For added layers, she will also be  searching for the assassin who killed her mentor and is now targeting her.

Christina M. Kim and Martin Gero (Blindspot) will Executive Produce, as will Greg Berlanti & Sarah Schechter will executive produce.  Berlanti?  I knew it smelled of Berlanti the moment I heard about this!

Why does he hate us so?

Luckily Berlanti tried this twice before for Warner Bros but both attempts were canned before going to pilot so we can but hope.

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