Actress Kristen Stewart was the biggest star of the recent adaption of the popular TV show Charlie’s Angels.  It didn’t do well with either audiences or critics and was pretty much DOA.  This continued the trend of heavily pushed yet female-centric movies like this not discovering a core audience at the theatres.

Out doing the rounds for Seberg, her critically acclaimed role in a true story, she was asked about her last movie and had this to say:

“Well, to be honest with you, I think if I had made a movie that wasn’t good and one that I wasn’t proud of and a lot of people saw it, I would be devastated. Luckily I’m not feeling gutted because I really am proud of the movie.

And I think that the kind of the climate that we’re living in right now is polarizing and it’s weird and it’s kind of hard to promote a movie like that. And I think trying to have a really complicated, overly politicized feminist conversation in a five minute TV interview about ‘Charlie’s Angels’….I’m like, ‘Dude, we just wanted to have a good time.’

I’m bummed that we probably won’t make another one, but at the same time I’m really proud of the movie and I’m so happy that it exists and can live in the world. Because I think for a lot of people it’s still kind of important even in a very non-serious way.”

Her next feature, Underwater, is due out early 2020.