Soon we will literally be covered in SPUMC. It will be everywhere! The Sony Pictures Universe Of Marvel Characters, basically Spider-Man and Friends, is coming hard.

Venom already unloaded. Morbius is fast approaching the climax of it’s production. Venom 2 has already shot. Olivia Wilde will direct another SPUMC project, most likely Spider-Woman, next year. Madam Webb and Jackpot are on the way too.

Now filmmaker J.C. Chandor (Triple Frontier, A Most Violent Year, All is Lost) has begun talks to direct Kraven the Hunter, with The Equaliser writer Richard Wenk on script duty.

One of the favorite Spider-Man villains, a Russian aristocrat named Sergei Kravinoff is a big game hunter who takes a voodoo elixir and becomes super-human. No word yet on storyline, but fan favorite Kraven’s Last Hunt is unlikely to be the source as the ending of that story would prevent any franchise appearances or sequels.

Long-term Spider-Man producer Avi Arad returns. Release date remains TBC at present.