Along with building better ships, better televisions, and better completely disposable girl bands than we do anymore, Korea is also heading for streaming domination.

Koreans. Numerous.

After Squid Games became such a smash on Netflix, it seems we can’t get enough of Koreans trying to kill each other. South Korean zombie drama All Of Us Are Dead has smashed Netflix records in the US and beyond.

All Of Us Are Dead follows a group of high school students who find themselves trapped in their school while the zombie apocalypse starts. Soon the whole city is overrun and they are fighting for their lives.


The series has topped the Netflix charts in over 25 countries and then topped the daily top 10 in the US. This makes it only the second non-English-language series to achieve this, after Squid Game. Korea is now the first country to have more than one non-0English language show at the top of the Netflix listings.

US viewership of Korean dramas has risen by over 200% between 2019 and 2021, with Netflix planning to release more than 20 Korean movies and dramas this year.

American film studios such as Warner Bros. have set up local subsidiaries to finance Korean films like The Age of Shadows (2016) and The Wailing (2016), putting them in direct competition with Korea’s Big Four vertically-integrated domestic film production and distribution companies: Lotte Cultureworks (formerly Lotte Entertainment), CJ Entertainment, Next Entertainment World (NEW), and Showbox.

Netflix has a presence in Korea as a film producer and distributor as part of both its international growth strategy in search of new markets and its drive to find new content for consumers in the US market. Disney also has a Korean subsidiary.

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