There is a lot happening out there in the world of comic book movies and adaptions, so it’s Comic Book Casting Roundup Time!

According to Deadline Xochitl Gomez has been cast in an unnamed role for the Doctor Strange sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which should begin filming as soon as Benedict Cumberbatch finishes filming the third Spider-Man in Atlanta, Georgia. That movie was delayed by COVID-19.

I can’t tell if he’s hot or he’s like a weird looking alien. Or am I attracted to a weird looking alien.

Gomez was in the Netflix series The Babysitters Club, which is an adaptation of the 1980s-1990s teen-ish books. That series is so good! It’s the example I use for when filmmakers adapt something they obviously love. It’s such a sweet adaptation. But it makes the adult roles just as great, so as adults you can watch it. I’m looking at Marc Evan Jackson as Mr. Spier especially. He was so good!

She played the character Dawn, who in the book was a white blonde haired Californian girl. It’s speculated that Gomez will be playing teenage America Chavez, aka Miss America.

Miss America was created in 2011 and is a Young Avengers member. She is from an alien race, has two mothers, is bisexual, and oh yeah can punch/ kick star shaped holes into reality into different universes. Hey, aren’t we going into MCU’s multiverse pretty soon?

This also goes along with the talk that Feige is bringing us to The Young Avengers. Speed and Wiccan show up in the WandaVision trailer. Cassie Lang was aged up to be played by Emma Fuhrmann in Avengers: Endgame. Kamala Kahn was recently cast for the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series.  Kid Loki is rumored to be in the Loki series currently filming. In Falcon And The Winter Solider, Patriot is cast and apparently in the damn show.

Sorry. Got distracted. I love Bucky as a character. Such a great and dynamic character that needs to be fleshed out more. When is this f–cking show happening? I am getting old and tired of waiting.

Add to this the Hawkeye series on the Disney+ is actively trying to cast Hailee Steinfeld to play Kate Bishop as an adviser for the Young Avengers. Hulkling is supposed to be in Captain Marvel 2. So we are getting the team. Eventually.

Feige has said he wants Young Avengers to be teenagers. He wants to cast teenagers. So with Gomez casting, who according to what I’ve seen is 15 years old, he seems to be committing to that.

In other comic book news…Michael B Jordan is going to be producing a Static Shock movie according to Variety. He will produce the movie through his WB based production group The Outlier Society.

Created in the 1990s with Milestone Media and DC, Static Shock was first a comic book. Then in the early 2000s it was adapted into a cartoon for the WB Saturday morning cartoon block.

“I’m proud to be a part of building a new universe centered around Black superheroes; our community deserves that,” Jordan said in a statement. “Outlier Society is committed to bringing to life diverse comic book content across all platforms and we are excited to partner with Reggie and Warner Bros. on this initial step.”

The character is Virgil Hawkins who has a list of powers but basically electric magnetic manipulation. Visually the character is cool as hell.

Hopefully both America Chavez and Virgil will be given the faithful adaptation they both deserve.