After something of a bumpy start with Star Wars Battlefront II, a series of upgrades has salvaged that game and improved it way beyond its launch state.  Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order proved there is life in the single player genre yet and has been a critical and commercial hit.  Are Electronic Arts finally making their Star Wars Kung-fu strong?

We hope so, because their next project is to tackle something beloved.  BioWare’s famous and respected role player – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Cinelinx and IGN reports that Electronic Arts are currently already working on it.  Furthermore they say it is a re-imagining and semi-sequel (uh-oh) rather than an actual remake.  The events of the sequel game itself, which came out around 18 months later, will also be worked into the project.

Events from these first two Knights of the Old Republic adventures will therefore use the games as a vehicle to bring certain things into the new Star Wars canon.

In April, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was asked about Knights of the Old Republic and fandom got excited as she said:

“We are developing something to look at…”

Turns out it’s not a movie, but this game.  If you are not familiar with KOTOR, as fans call it, you can download an iPad version in full from the AppStore for about $7.

If you don’t have an iPad just imagine them as being like the Knights Of Ren, only not shit.