The director of Oblivion, TRON: Legacy and Top Gun: Maverick is on a roll. Joseph Kosinski has Chris Hemsworth-led Netflix adventure Escape From Spearhead in the pipeline. Now he has Chariot.


Chariot is based on a graphic novel by Bryan Hill (author), Priscilla Petraites (illustrator), and essentially sounds like Knight Rider, updated for the 21st Century with a twist. According to the blurb:

“The Chariot was a Cold War-era secret government project to provide its star agent with a weapon unlike any other in the form of a super-charged muscle car. It sank into the ocean decades ago, and the agent along with it. Now, a petty criminal looking to reform his life has stumbled upon the Chariot, and he’s about to find out that the agent’s consciousness is still controlling it in this synthwave thriller.”

AWA Studios and Warner Bros. Pictures are behind the project. Julian Meiojas (Ingobernable, Code Black) Kosinski, and Stranger Things duo Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen are producing.

Knight Rider makes people of my age go a little misty-eyed. It was one of that glorious TV era that included The A-Team and Airwolf (although we won’t mention Street Hawk or Blue Thunder: The Series). Knight Rider was action-packed TV that, despite the ludicrous premise, played itself entirely straight. The show was carried on the shoulders of David Hasselhoff, the gloriously bouffanted leading man.

The best double act in the genre was completed by William Daniels as the voice of KITT, or Knight Industries Two Thousand, the autonomous, artificially intelligent car, with whom Michael Knight is partnered. Daniels, who simultaneously starred on St. Elsewhere, requested not to be credited for his role as KITT’s voice.

Teenage boys everywhere argued over whether Bonnie or April was more beautiful, meanwhile adults everywhere marvelled at the sheer chutzpah of the show for simply putting a goatee on the leading man to portray his own evil brother.

Ah, good times! Anyway… where were we? Oh yes. Chariot. No release date or casting news yet but based purely on our nostalgia for Knight Rider, we are probably in!

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