Drunken Yoda and Matt sit down and discuss Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ sublime Kingdom Come graphic novel and its legacy.

With James Gunn becoming DC Studios’ new Co-CEO there have been endless rumours as to which direction he’s going to take the franchise. Many are hoping (or is it dreading?) that Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come is going to be his End Game.

Gunn himself had added fuel to the fire by first changing his header pic on the Hive social media platform to the front cover of Kingdom Come. And then earlier this week over on Twitter, he posted the same image with “Making plans” written above it.

Comic Book Nerds

Drunken Yoda and I briefly discussed it in a Livestream a few weeks back and said we would try to find some time to sit down and have a more in-depth discussion about the graphic novel. Well Outposters, we actually found time to do it!

You can either watch or listen as we talk about the Superheroes from the Gold, Silver, and Bronze age of DC and the clear influence they had on Mark and Alex for Kingdom Come

We talk about the messaging of the graphic novel and how it rings true today, maybe even more so, now the world seems to be constantly splitting into smaller warring factions, especially in the West.

And then finally our thoughts on adapting Kingdom Come for the big screen and whether it’ should be done or if it’s even possible.

Check it below and let us know your thoughts. Oh, and apologies in advance because I never knew my mic was picking up my noisy teenage sons in the background playing FIFA. Enjoy!

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