Kevin Smith would like to star in the new version of the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie. If that wasn’t bad enough, he would like to play Stan Lee’s cameo of mailman Willie Lumpkin.

Marvel acquired the rights for the foursome with the takeover of 21st Century Fox. Studio head Kevin Feige announced at the San Diego Comicon 2019, that a new version of Fantastic Four was in development.

Jon Watts, best known for directing the MCU’s Spiderman movies, is going to be in the director’s chair. No one has been cast for the film, but the fans have mentioned real life couple John Krasinki and Emily Blunt for Reed Richards and Sue Storm, but that is just fan talk.

Smith has recently admitted that he lacks the talent and visual style to direct a major MCU movie…which is very humble of him! He has said he would like a small role in the new FF movie, like mailman Willie Lumpkin, who was cameoed by Stan Lee in the past.


Smith is quoted:

“As we’re heading into Fantastic Four world soon, Willie Lumpkin, the mailman who Stan [Lee] played in the other Fantastic Four movies. That’s a character who doesn’t get into any trouble. He pops in, delivers the mail. Maybe he gets involved in an adventure here or there. That’s my speed. If Kevin Feige was like, “We need you to pull a Lumpkin for us,” I would pull a Lumpkin all damn day. Which sounds way dirtier than I meant it. But no hero.”

The postman, Willie, was introduced in the comics in 1963. Over the years he has been on several adventures in the comics, including time travel and trying to seduce Aunt May. Stan Lee’s cameos were only brief in the movies, but Willie could have a bigger role, I’m guessing this is what Smith is thinking. There is no confirmation of if Smith will be in the movie or not.

Does Kevin Smith thing he can replace Stan Lee? I don’t remember Stan Lee ever taking a childhood property, lie about it, make it woke and then tell all the fans to:

“Grow the fuck up, man.”

There’s no more news on the new Fantastic Four movie, but we’ll keep you posted.

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