1091 Pictures has released a trailer for the documentary Clerk, a biopic movie about the life and career of filmmaker Kevin Smith.


Clerk spends time with Smith and looks back at his entire life, his intro into filmmaking, his big break with Clerks (1994), and everything else that has happened since, including the creation of SModcast and his life changing with the arrival of his daughter Harley, followed by suffering a heart attack.

Directed by frequent Smith collaborator Malcolm Ingram, Clerk will delve into the career and life of Smith, from indie filmmaker to cultural icon paving his own way.

In addition to Smith, Clerk also features interviews with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Penn Jillette, Jason Lee, Stan Lee, Richard Linklater, Justin Long, Jason Mewes, Scott Mosier, Jason Reitman, and more.

Here’s the trailer:

1091’s blurb reads:

“An extensive all-access documentary examining the life and career of indie filmmaking icon Kevin Smith. Featuring never before seen interviews with friends, family, filmmaking peers, and icons of the film, comedy and comic worlds. Including Stan Lee, Justin Long, Penn Jillette, Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier, and Jason Mewes.”

Clerk is directed by filmmaker Ingram, director of the doc films Small Town Gay Bar, Bear Nation, Continental, Out to Win, Southern Pride, and Phantom of Winnipeg previously. He also met and befriended Smith years ago, who helped finance his first feature film Drawing Flies in 1995.

This doc premiered at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival earlier this year and it also featured at the Philadelphia Film Festival.


Clerk will be available digitally on November 23rd.

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