According to a GFR “trusted and proven” source we might be getting a Star Trek: The Next Generation reboot in the Kelvin timeline. This is also a completely unsubstantiated rumor from the internet so, as usual, this is rumor control.


Star Trek 4B

In the upcoming Star Trek 4 (if it ever happens) there is talk that we can expect appearances by some of the TNG cast, most notably Picard, La Forge, and Worf. Apparently this will act as a backdoor pilot for their own reboot movie.


The Next Generation is set roughly 100 years after the ending of the original series so it would seem that like the original Star Trek IV, this one will also have to feature time travel. Perhaps they’ll cast Whoopi Goldberg to play one of the whales?

Anyway, we all know about Abrams’ Kelvin Timeline so there’s no need for me to cover old ground. But it’s been rumored for eons that the eternally gestating fourth movie would indeed feature time travel. In the original draft, Kirk was meant to team up with his father George (Chris Hemsworth) for some godforsaken reason.

My guess would be the story eventually ends up with the Kelvin crew destroying Nero’s The Narada before it could do any damage. Therefore preventing George’s death and setting the original timeline back in place? Yeah it sounds ridiculous but this is modern day Star Trek after all.

Star Trek George Kirk
Hemsworth as George Kirk, before he was typecast as a loveable man baby.

Modern Trek

The three Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies have pulled in over $1 billion so that’s enough incentive for the Paramount’s bean counters to want to shoehorn in a Kelvin TNG for modern audiences.

Additional rumors that several working titles are already in the mix for the new reboot with Star Trek: Cash Cow or Star Trek: The Flogging Of A Dead Horse as the current front runners.

Since the first Abrams Star Trek, the cast have seen their celebrity status rise considerably so their salary could be another deciding factor for offloading Pine, Urban, Pegg, and Saldana in particular.

Star Trek Kelvin
The Kelvins

Lower Decks

The Prime timeline (original timeline) has acknowledged that they know of the existence of the Kelvin.

Recently in Lower Decks, a character called Rutherford’s has a malfunctioning implant that allows his previous personality to become dominant. The episode deals with Rutherford learning the truth about his implant and his forgotten past that leads to a ‘joke’ between two characters.

Rutherford confesses to Tendi that he’s been losing sleep because of nightmares and she asks:

“Is it the one where you’re in a new timeline with Kirk and Spock, and they have cinematic chemistry?” 

Star Trek Rutherford
Rutherford from Lower Decks. Can it be as bad as it looks?

I confess, I have no idea what I’m talking about to be honest. I haven’t watched Lower Decks so at this stage I was just “borrowing” this information from someone else but they do mention Kelvin in Prime – that sounded like a couple of gay Transformers – moving on…


The Kelvin timeline is also acknowledged in the craptacular Star Trek Discovery. In the third season it was revealed that the 32nd century United Federation of Planets has long been aware of the Kelvin Timeline.

Again, I won’t watch Star Trek Discovery but something about Temporal Wars were waged centuries before that threatened the Multiverse. It featured a soldier named Lt. Commander Yor from the 24th century of the Kelvin Timeline who crossed over into the Prime Timeline. He soon died from the physical stresses of jumping time and realities. Whatever.

Star Trek Commander Yo
Commander Yor had an STD.

So there you have it. Prime timeline knows Kelvin timeline exists. Paramount Executives know money exists but sadly Kurtzman and his ilk who are currently running modern day Star Trek don’t know previous Star Trek exists. So let’s just throw Klingon shit at the wall and see what sticks because… money!

Cast of TNG

To round off this article, I thought I’d have a quick stab at who could be cast as the rebooted TNG. I have taken the obligatory race, gender, sexual preference swapping that is required by today’s Hollywood so don’t judge me on these choices. I’m trying to be progressive.

TNG 2022

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