Reboot Is “Ready” For 2020

Kelsey Grammer has given an update on a Frasier reboot, stating that it’s “ready to go” and things are looking promising to premiere next year.

The actor, who has been developing the sitcom’s reboot since 2018, says he is now waiting for a network to pick up the show.

Speaking on In-Depth With Graham Bensinger, Grammer said –

“We’ve hatched the plan, what we think is the right way to go,”

“[We’re] working on a couple of possible network deals that we’re sorting. We just have to staff it and find somebody who wants to give us money for it. You never know.”

This comes after Grammer tried to get the show’s full cast to return for its reboot, revealing that “they seem to” be on board.

Discussing the death of John Mahoney, who portrayed Frasier Crane’s father Martin, Grammer said –

“We would need to deal with that within the storytelling, but I’d want everybody back if they want to come back.”

The US sitcom – a spin-off to Cheers – ran for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004. The series final episode saw the titular character announcing his move to San Francisco but ending up in Chicago.

It seems our beloved characters can no longer ride off into the sunset these days, I loved this show, it was a terrific spin-off, but after Niles got in on with Daphne it rapidly went downhill. I’ll pass.