Batgirl on HBO Max might not be hugely anticipated, judging by comments from some of our Outposters, but there is one thing that will make many people check it out. Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman again, after his appearance in the upcoming The Flash movie.

Now some set pics of Keaton in full costume on the production have started finding their way online. Check them out.

In one shot he appears to be standing next to J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.

Why Michael Keaton’s Batman is involved with the J.K. Simmons version of Commissioner Gordon is a mystery, since the role was played by the late Pat Hingle in the Keaton Batman movies. Simmons’ presence suggests the Batgirl takes place in the same DCEU as Justice League and Batman vs Superman. With both Keaton and Affleck appearing as Batman in The Flash later this year, we are pretty sure it will be put down to multiverse shenanigans.


Maybe Keaton’s Batman ends up trapped in Affleck’s timeline? Even more intriguing is the mural shown being transported on the set showing the dynamic duo – acknowledging for the first time the existence of a Robin somewhere in this mess of universes with Keaton’s Batman.

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