It was a meme, then it went mainstream. Now Karen would like to speak to the manager of a multiplex near you.

Taryn Manning (Orange Is The New Black, Hustle and Flow) is working with writer/director Coke Daniels on a suspense thriller based around the concept of Karen. Karen, as you probably know, is a catch-all classification for an entitled, complaining woman of a certain type.

Manning will play Karen White, an entitled white woman from the South who makes it her mission to run her new African-American neighbors out of her community through terrorizing them. Predictably the neighbors will apparently be staunch Black Lives Matter supporters.

Given that BLM’s motives are being increasingly understood as not completely altruistic, and that Karen is frequently seen as a white classification, there could be a really interesting opportunity to subvert expectations here, however this is Hollywood so we won’t hold our breath.

Writer/director Daniels says he wants to offer people an interesting perspective on social justice and race relations in America.

No release date is set at this point.