This is a joke?  I am presuming it’s a joke?  No? OK, apparently it is not a joke.  This is real.  This is really happening.

Hot on the heels of the triumphant Cobra-Kai, and even that remake with Will Smith’s kid and Jackie Chan that was kind of OK, a touchstone of our youth is to get the Broadway treatment next.

Slice of pure 1984, The Karate Kid, is coming to a stage near you in the for, of a musical and the original screenwriter, Robert Mark Kamen, is involved.

Robert Mark Kamen

Kinoshita Group, Kumiko Yoshii, and Michael Wolk are stage producing with Kamen drafting “the book” (stage production screenplay).  Drew Gasparini is writing music and lyrics.

Japanese director Amon Miyamoto will be in charge of bringing the vision to life.  MTV VMA nominees Keone and Mari Madrid are on choreography.  The all important set designer is Tony winner Derek McLane.  He will be responsible for recreating Miyagi’s garden and the All-Valley arena on the stage.

Everything from The Devil Wears Prada to Beetlejuice has been adapted for the stage.  We’ll see how this pans out.  A certain level of morbid curiosity is developing to see gigantic pre-interval crescendo “Wax On, Wax Off” performed.  Expect “Sweep The Leg / Put Him In A Body Bag” to be a second half highlight.