Back at the start of July, when the Snyder Cut bandwagon was just hitting top speed, the actor who played Cyborg in Justice League dropped a bombshell.

He alleged that the production had even more issues behind the scenes than were already known, or were evident from the final product. He claimed Joss Whedon’s conduct on set was:

“…gross, abusive, unprofessional and completely unacceptable…”

He went even further, naming names and stating unequivocally that Whedon’s behaviour was:

“…enabled, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.”

WarnerMedia launched an investigation into the production, with the usual HR platitudes. You know the kind, right? We take allegations seriously. We strive for an inclusive workplace. No place for toxic behaviour etc, etc.  Basically HR ass-covering bingo.

Since then, things have gone turbo. A couple of days ago Fisher sent out a tweet claiming current DC Films President Walter Hamada called Fisher and attempted to:

“…throw Joss Whedon and Jon Berg under the bus in hopes that I would relent on Geoff Johns…”

Warner Bros. Pictures fired back almost immediately with a statement denying everything. They said not only were Fisher’s claims about Hamada untrue, but they also said Fisher had declined every attempt by investigators to meet with him. They threw it all back at Ray Fisher. They signed off with the mic drop:

“(Warner Bros) remains committed to investigating any specific and credible allegation of misconduct, which thus far Mr. Fisher has failed to provide.”

Well, not so fast WB. Turns out Fisher kept screen shots. This morning he launched his own return fire and called them out for a:

“…desperate and scattershot attempt to discredit me to continue protecting those in power…”

He then produced a screenshot showing an email he sent to his team and SAG-AFTRA shortly after a meeting with the third-party investigator that Warner’s said never happened. This occurred on Zoom on August 26th. The email clearly states:

“Just got off the line with the investigator. Had to end the interview early before going into detail with him. He also had another person of the line as a witness which we weren’t made aware of. I told him I needed to have a rep on the line as security for myself. He tried to keep me on the line, but I told him I would need to consult my team before proceeding.”

Oops! Looks like Warner Bros. are done here. Well, we hope Fisher eventually gets a decent payout as he’ll probably never work in this town again.

If John McTiernan can make Predator, Die Hard, The Hunt For Red October, Die Hard With A Vengeance and The Thomas Crown Affair and still find himself unable to work after annoying those in Hollywood power, this poor guy doesn’t stand a chance.