It has been at least 48 hours without any Zack Snyder’s Justice League news. So it is inevitable that some more would be along sooner or later. The cause of this looks like a technical malfunction at HBO Max. The four-hour cut of Justice League was supposed to arrive next Thursday and accidentally appeared on HBO Max late yesterday.

People trying to watch the new Tom & Jerry film found themselves instead watching Justice League. Some users made it an hour in before it was pulled. Any restarts simply showed them Tom & Jerry so their chance to break an exclusive was gone, at least until next Thursday.

Justice League

Any of our Outposters manage to see any? If so, let us know below.

The bigger news is the reveal of the original plans for Justice League from Zack Snyder himself. Originally thought to be two-movie series, Snyder himself revealed the plan was three movies as he was out whipping up hype for Justice League. Since then one of our very own Outposters – Mr X – has put us onto an absolute motherload of information. This information was revealed at a Justice League exhibition in Texas in conjunction with Snyder himself.

Justice League

Alongside costumes, storyboards, props and other material relating to Snyder’s efforts on the movie, there were the original treatment notes created by Chris Terrio and Snyder himself. These included illustrations to bring certain scenes to life. These appear to have been handwritten by Snyder and are rumored to have been illustrated by Jim Lee himself.

This veritable treasure trove of Justice League goodies was transcribed by a patient and helpful Twitterer called Walt (@UberKryptonian) who copied all of this down so it could be shared.


Be warned, there may, or may not be spoilers for Zack Snyder’s Justice League to follow. This depends on how much of the original treatment was making it through to Snyder’s shooting scripts, then how much made it through the Snyder Cut edit and assembly process.

According to these transcripts, Justice League was to include Lex Luthor putting together the Legion of Doom which would contain various villains from the standalone DCEU, and others, including Dr Poison, Black Manta, Ocean Master, Captain Cold, and The Riddler.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman would have been killed. Superman would have fallen under Darkseid’s control and killed Lex Luthor. The Riddler would have gone insane solving the anti-life equation and committed suicide. Cyborg would have been ripped apart leaving just Flash.

He would have to go back to start the process of undoing all the damage, linking directly back to Bruce Wayne’s visions of the apocalyptic future with Superman under the control of another. Most importantly, this would also link to the scene in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice when Barry Allen appears to Bruce in the Batcave, at the time thought to be a hallucination, to warn him and to tell him Lois was the key.

One criticism of the DCEU vs. the MCU has always been that the MCU appears to follow a set, centrally defined plan while the DCEU just throws anything at the wall to see what sticks.

This would appear to blow the lid off that theory and show that Snyder had a plan and it all interconnected. It seems it was Warner Bros. with their notorious inability to stop interfering, who suffered a failure of bravery and took advantage of Snyder’s personal tragedy to change course.

Here are all of Walt’s transcripts that lay the whole thing out.

Justice League

Wow! Even without necessarily being a fan of the direction Snyder was taking with the DCEU, you can at least appreciate the size and scope of what he was planning. However after the critical mauling of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which was like an entree to this story, you can imagine studio heads twitching knowing that all this was still to come.

Once again, thanks to Outposter Mr X for putting us onto all this detail a few days ago.