Warner Bros. has reportedly tried everything they can to make Zack Snyder’s Justice League go away. They tried to just ignore its existence, until the parent company AT&T told them to sort themselves out in the face of the unprecedented fan demand. They then tried not to promote it, feeling it had been forced on them.


It went on to be one of the biggest hits of the year on the HBO Max streaming service. his caused acute embarrassment to Warner Bros. and proved pretty much what most fans had already decided, that the studio’s instincts were fundamentally wrong in every way when it came to their DC products.

This was against the backdrop of their chosen savior, Joss Whedon, being #MeToo’d out of existence. Rumors have also surfaced online that the studio knew they had a dog on their hands in the form of the Whedon cut of Justice League. According to anonymous quotes circulating out there, executives were:

“…horrified, we knew it was total crap!”

Warner Bros. just cannot put the movie behind them, no matter how hard they try. The boardroom is said to be trying everything they can to consign the movie to the trash can of history, and it will not die.


Rumors have also swirled online that Warner Bros. has been actively trying to suppress the Blu-Ray and DVD release by leaving it unlisted in their publicity for physical media releases and posting the wring version of trailers – for the Whedon Cut – elsewhere.

It hasn’t worked though, as sources say Zack Snyder’s Justice League is outselling its nearest rivals by five-to-one. Once more Snyder and the fans seem to be leaving egg on the faces of Warner Bros. executives who seem to be unable to admit they were wrong. The Sony e-mails leak showed that senior executives at some studios seem to behave like petulant, not very smart, children who would not be able to maintain employment for more than a few months in most other industries.

If these rumors are true, are Warner Bros. in danger of joining that not very elite club?

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