Director Colin Trevorrow was talking to Empire magazine this week about the upcoming third entry in the Jurassic World franchise, Jurassic World: Dominion. The movie started shooting last February but just as it was gathering steam, with the reunited original cast of Laura DernSam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, a pandemic hit and the production was shut down.

“On the very last day we were shooting, I didn’t find out officially that we were going to shut down until about three hours before we wrapped.

We were shooting in this old, industrial barn. [Producers] Alexandra Derbyshire and Pat Crowley and I had a phone call with Universal, and all of us agreed it was the right thing to do. But I still had a shoot day to finish.”

The article included a picture of Trevorrow giving direction to Chris Pratt and Omar Sy on board a boat. On looking more carefully at the boat, it suddenly seems very familiar.

Jurassic World

In the words of Chief Martin Brody, Amity PD:

“That’s Ben Gardner’s boat!”

The profile is off, but it’s a definite attempt at an approximation, right down to the color scheme. If in any doubt the yellow fenders, the same color as famously familiar barrels, give a further hint. Sealing the deal is the name of the boat. While Gardner’s boat was called the Flicka (Jaws nerd alert!) the name here is a direct reference to Quint’s sea shanty. The boat is called Fair Spanish Lady.

We can think of worse places than Jaws to be taking inspiration from for a monster movie.

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