Creed star Michael B. Jordan could be about to step into the directors chair for the third instalment of the franchise according to a report in The Playslist. MGM are interested in giving him the opportunity for Creed 3.

The news was bundled up yesterday in the other news from MGM shooting down the No Time To Die streaming rumors, just as half of Hollywood comes out to say that, yes, there were talks underway to take Bond streaming, regardless of denials. Variety also reported the talks happened but the $600 million cost was the sticking point.

Somewhat overshadowed by that news, the reports were light on details about Creed 3 and neither Jordan himself or MGM have said anything. Jordan has the Static Shock comic adaptation also on his workstack.

Irwin Winkler, legendary Rocky series producer, already suggested Jordan was being offered the director’s chair last year. Winkler drew parallels to when he offered the same to Sylvester Stallone after Rocky smashed records.

Zach Baylin is working on the script. No word yet on whether Stallone himself will return. Comments made in the movie Creed 2 in character as Rocky, and by Stallone himself after filming, seemed to indicate that he felt the need to move on while letting the character of Donny Creed out from under Rocky’s shadow.

Jordan’s other new project, an adaption of the Tom Clancy thriller Without Remorse which was to star him as John Kelly / John Clark was recently sold to Amazon.