Superman & Lois series regular Jordan Elsass will not be returning for the upcoming third season of the CW’s DC series. As a result, his role as Jonathan Kent will be recast.

Being a massive Superman fan, I reluctantly tuned in to the first season of Superman & Lois expecting the CW series to be an absolute mess of wokeness and blatant nonsense. I was actually shocked that it was none of these things. Well OK, it was a little silly at times but overall it was an enjoyable watch.

And then the second season happened. As expected the woke mob had got their claws into it. There was plenty of women power talk, men are adulterers and can’t be trusted, blah, blah, blah. We also got a lesbian storyline shoehorned in that had all the care and grace of Whoopi Goldberg at an all you can eat for $10 buffet. It was a sad departure from the previous season.

Superman & Lois Elsass
Elsass as Bizarro World’s Jonathan Kent aka Superboy.

So now, just before season three is about to commence shooting in Vancouver, Canada, Jordan Elsass is not returning. A Warner Bros statement confirms:

“Jordan Elsass has notified the Studio that he will not be returning to Superman & Lois for season three due to personal reasons. The role of Jonathan Kent will be recast.”

Elsass or his team are yet to comment but according to sources, Elsass has been dealing with personal issues, some of them possibly related to mental health.

Nobody seems to know what the ‘possible mental health issues’ are but here’s what I’ve found out. It appears Elsass is unvaccinated and Canada has a policy about not allowing unvaccinated people into the country. Elsass is believed to have used an exception during filming last season and in February last year he questioned whether vaccines actually work in a now deleted Instagram post.

Oh, so the ‘mental health issues’ could relate to the fact he’s questioning the government narrative and not playing ball? I’ll save that particular discussion for a Drunken Yoda episode!


So it is a possibility that Elsass is refusing the vaccine, questioning the narrative and is now forced to walk away from a prime role on a popular TV show. And, of course, this is painted as “possible mental health issues” ?

If season two is anything to go by, the third season of Superman & Lois will continue to descend into the typical farce and propaganda machine regularly churned out by mainstream entertainment.

At the tender age of 20, it appears Elsass may have an old head on young shoulders. This decision could derail his career but as more and more data emerges and the goalposts are moved on COVID, vaccines and the response to the pandemic it’s good to see the son of Superman potentially standing up for truth, justice and (what was once) the American way. Bravo sir. 

Superman Elsass
Superman would be proud.

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