Join The Team!

Here’s your chance! Be a part of the team! We have a growing site that, just a few months after launching, is already on the radar of several studios and streaming giants as we know from correspondence.  We’ve been quoted in a theatre publication and we can count a New York Times bestselling author and a Hollywood musician as among the friends of the site.

We’ve done it as a group of amateurs and online friends who just love movies, entertainment, TV, streaming and gaming.  We give up our own time to build our little online community of geeks, nerds and friends who just want to hang out and have somewhere good to talk about this stuff, and we are growing!

Just like any community, it’s the members that make it what it is so we would like all our members to be able to join in.

We could use:

  • Contributors – Write breaking news, or more occasional long-form essays.  Either is good!  Got an idea?  Got something you want to get off your chest about what we cover here?  Write it up, and we’ll take a look.
  • Social Marketing – Do you know your way around Reddit, Twitter, Instagram etc? Help spread the word about us!
  • Video Essayists – While we do have one video maker, we could use more! The more videos put on the youtube channel, the more it will gain traction.
  • Podcasting – If you want to manage a podcast recording, we can host. Marketing and show creation will be yours to enjoy.
  • Database/Website Expertise – We do our best but we would love another set of eyes.

We are a team here that works together. All stories are looked over for editorial standards. Technical updates all go through a testing process. Everyone is supported. So don’t be shy. If you have ever wanted to contribute to somewhere like this now is your chance.

Get published. Get on our YouTube channel. Who knows, maybe you’ll snare some press screening passes and join us frantically scribbling in the dark!

We are a labor of love at the moment but we hope to do more. If you have dedication and passion, email us at

We look forward to meeting you!