Around the time that Fast And Furious 8 came out, followed by Hobbs and Shaw, there was much talk of a simmering rivalry between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, both on the set and beyond. Things calmed down recently but now the Johnson and Diesel feud is set to re-ignite over some of the statements coming from the Fast And Furious camp. So this thing may well flare up again.

During promotional rounds for F9: The Fast Saga when it was finally released, Diesel was asked about working with Johnson and he claimed that Diesel deployed ‘tough love’ while working with Johnson and that was the reason why Johnson’s performances were so strong in the Fast franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter, showing a sense of mischief that the Outpost would be proud of, asked The Rock directly about these statements when he was out doing promotion for Jungle Cruise. With his signature grin he told them:

“I laughed and I laughed hard. I think everyone had a laugh at that. And I’ll leave it at that. And that I’ve wished them well. I wish them well on ‘Fast 9.’ And I wish them the best of luck on ‘Fast 10’ and ‘Fast 11’ and the rest of the ‘Fast & Furious’ movies they do that will be without me.”

This was during a joint interview with his Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt who, laughing openly, added:

“Just thank God [Diesel] was there. Thank God. He carried you through that.”

I guess this means Johnson is no longer “fambly”. Jungle Cruise arrives in cinemas and Disney+ Premier Access on July 30th.

Jungle Cruise

Hopefully, this can capture some of the Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl magic. It looks like tons of fun, but $30 worth of fun? OK, I know that is just over the price of two theater tickets, but the Disney+ price point still feels high to me.

So the Johnson and Diesel feud is set to re-ignite, and can the man-mountain of charisma resist the twin powers of car and fambly?

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