They really, really should have left his dog alone. Look at all the trouble they caused.

Sleeper smash-hit that spawned an action franchise, John Wick keeps on rolling. Now the CEO of Lionsgate, John Feltheimer, has announced that two more sequels are coming and they will be shot back-to-back. Star Reeves will return early next year as soon as his calendar opens up. Script writing is underway and the aim is for John Wick 4 to arrive in theaters, if there are any left, on Memorial Day 2022.

Coming out of nowhere in October 2014, the lovingly silly hitman movies have become iconic. They have also snared major money for the studio with over $584.2 million banked for relatively modest budgets.

A spin-off series based on The Continental hotel has apparently been coming for a while now but nothing seems to have advanced.

Reeves is currently working on The Matrix sequel.